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Manage all your team needs with ITeamUp

ITeamUp is a team management platform that helps you organize all your team activities in one place! It is a web-based application designed with coaches and team officials in mind to make your job easier. Since we’re a software company, we are constantly rolling out new features based on your demand.

What’s more; you can scale up the number of teams you manage with ITeamUp at no extra costs! With one low price for all your teams, leading your players to victory has never been easier.

Player Management
  • Register players
  • Manage all player info (personal, medical, physiological)
  • Schedule & track training goals
  • Record player evaluations
  • Assign to selected teams
Team Management
  • Assemble unlimited teams
  • Assign graduate players to new teams
  • Assign team officials
  • Enter and view your season schedule
  • Send game reminders
Video Upload
  • Upload footage of games and training
  • Allow players and parents to access video clips
Player Reports
Player Reports
  • Write player reports quickly
  • Send individual reports to players and parents easily
Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging
  • Keep team members up to date
  • Contact players and team members easily
  • Send group messages
  • Assemble specific teams
  • Define match line-up
  • Track match performance
  • Track player performance
  • Record competition results
  • Schedule training camps
  • Track event goals
  • Track camp/player performance
  • Record player evaluations
ITeamUp enabled us to get a 360-degree overview of all operations instantly. Its hassle-free design has especially empowered our teams and coaches to stay informed about key updates regarding any player, team or competition. Access to different reports and KPIs also helped our key stakeholders make impactful decisions.
National Team Director, OFA (Oman Football Association)
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