ITeamUp & the Oman Football Association

As the governing body of football in Oman, the Oman Football Association (OFA) has been a member of the AFC and FIFA since 1980. When an organization of this size and importance sees the need to reinvent their entire data management and selects a team of dedicated technological consultants to bring to life a one-stop-shop solution, that really says something. This is the story of how ITeamUp came to be!

The OFA was struggling with a unique challenge; they were regularly dealing with multiple internal stakeholders who stored important information in different places. There was no workflow consistency and the OFA could not understand why this was happening. After all, when all teams are working towards a common goal, it should be easy for them to collaborate, right?

This is where our team came in. Having had experience with healthcare, construction and legal industries, we knew that every industry has its own requirements and user experience pain-points (none-size-fits-all!). It was through the requirement analysis we conducted that much light was shed on what the actual problem was. The main stakeholders within the OFA were the team managers, coaches, medical staff and administration personnel. Each of these users had a different way to track and store the information relevant to them. Our conversation with a dietitian in the UK revealed that the medical staff end up having to manage 10-12 page-documents for a single player (and nearly 15 page-documents for a single player injury!). This made it nearly impossible to compile this data in a reusable, user-friendly format for future use (unless you consider mining hundreds of manual sources an interesting evening).

What’s more, every team within the OFA had a different coach and new coaches would join the team every couple of years. Every coach had a personal diary that they would regularly write crucial player observations in; these diaries were considered somewhat private and the data was not shared, even with the immediate team. Although the OFA understood the coaches’ wish to keep their private remarks private, the organization needed to understand the different player evaluation parameters used by every coach to maintain uniformity and high quality standards.

The admin team, on the other hand, were exasperated with the rate of missing/expired travel documents. The OFA regularly travelled internationally for matches/camps and were required to submit the paperwork to participate in ASC/GCC competitions. Discovering a player’s expired passport or missing travel papers right before a flight was no laughing matter. These problems reinforced their need for a centralized repository.

Taking these varied insights into consideration, our team created a prototype that was presented to the OFA. It is only when clients are able to visualize a product/solution that they enter a problem-solving headspace and provide valuable inputs that take the brainstorming process further. After constant fine-tuning of the original prototype with various stakeholders, the latest version of ITeamUp was born. The OFA teams received one week of product training, after which the entire organization adopted this new solution.

In 2015, with ITeamUp, the OFA revolutionized the way they approach football management. They have been our proud client for half a decade and the fountainhead of ITeamUp. We cannot wait to make sports management hands-down effortless for every team, club and association around the world!

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