The Top 5 Challenges For Today’s Sports Managers

Sports, as an indispensable aspect of the world’s culture, enjoy a unique place in the hearts and minds of fans. While the athletes enjoy the glory and fan love; the behind-the-scenes team, however, is almost always in the midst of a stressful juggling act. The high stakes involved in every professional sport translate to a need for balancing the interests of fans, team members, sponsors and other partners. Although this is extremely challenging, the sports managers we know also emphasize the rewarding nature of the job. Here are their main challenges they told us about:

  1. This is a ‘people’ job – And you have to be an excellent people person to be successful. Being intricately knowledgeable about your own team and orchestrating trades with other teams results in a lot of personal interactions. Networking with industry peers, sponsors, rivals and fans further comes as part and parcel of the job; elevating sports managers to somewhat of a ‘celebrity’ level. Although this has traditionally been done through in-person contact/relationships, the newer realm of sports technology and data helps managers understand athletes and competitors better.
  2. Limited resources – This is perhaps the most formidable challenge of all. The high stakes so synonymous with sports mean sports managers are always striving to surpass high expectations under tight budgets. This pushes managers (some say constructively) out of their comfort zone by requiring some creative thinking. The use of document management systems and collaboration software has come up in recent times as a way to save time, energy and reallocate funds to resource-intensive needs.
  3. Demanding schedules and constant travel – This is a given due to the need to constantly attend competitions, training camps and draft the best players. No matter how prompt their assistants may be, sports managers always value being able to quickly view, edit and share documents on-the-go. The wicked curveball of COVID-19 has further made daily remote working crucial. This greatly signals the need for a centralized collaboration software. How else would a sports manager on a flight access important paperwork if it’s stuck in their office back home?
  4. Staying ahead of the game – Competition is the spice of sports. Whether it is to bring fame to your team, exceed business/commercial expectations or attract the best talent (mostly a combination of all 3), every team manager looks for an ace they can have in their pocket. In the words of every sports manager ever, managers these days have a million jobs to do; from planning training, assessing injuries, analysing match data, scouting opponents/signings and dealing with agents and players. Add looking for ways to be a pacesetter on top of this, and you won’t have enough hours in the day. This is where team management systems become Robin to your Batman and help you discover your ace in the pocket; be it a player with a specific skill or an opponent team’s offense pattern evident through past games.
  5. This is also a ‘strategist’ job – As much as it is a ‘people’ job. As a budding sports manager, you are always taught to look to the future and seasoned managers are established visionaries. They thoroughly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team player and search for ways to optimize talent within current constraints. However, being a visionary also means learning from the past. This is where sports management software add extra value. Managers and coaches gain practical insights from past tournaments and practices that they use to hone future game strategy. It is by no means easy, but by all means teamwork.

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