ITeamUp Features

Why ITeamUp?

While many other sports management software mainly focus on scheduling or member communication, ITeamUp empowers the ‘team behind the team’ (we’re looking at you, team managers!) to not only manage player data; but also stay ahead of the competition. With important data on players, teams, competition and training camps in one place, you have unique insights into each player to create an optimal line-up for each game. You can also devise the perfect game strategy by learning from on-the-go player feedback and past game research. Because we all know that;

Better game strategy = more wins = confident & happy team!



No One-Size-Fits-All
With our custom features and customizations, make ITeamUp a perfect fit for you.


Make Smarter Decisions
Track and analyze continuous data on player performance, competitions, training and injury status.


Data Security Above All
Store important confidential documents (passports, IDs, medical records) and control access permissions


True Mobile Access
Stay in the loop 24×7 with our web-responsive application which can be accessed on Android and iOS devices.


No Missing Out
Stay well-informed of upcoming events, competitions, and camps.
Who uses ITeamUp?

ITeamUp is a one-stop-shop asset for sports clubs, leagues and football academies.

Team Managers

You’re the masters of balancing high team expectations against limited resources. Power your management experience with a configurable, reliable resource that optimizes your efforts, simplifies your responsibilities and makes you stand out.


Whether you are the Head Coach, Special Teams Coach or Strength Coach; take your game to the next level by leveraging your greatest asset: your players.

Medical Staff

As the indispensable doctors and physiotherapists of your team, you can effectively manage confidential data. Maintain detailed records on player injuries, operations, test results, screening forms and medications. No more drowning in paperwork!

Team Admin

You are the unsung heroes behind your team’s victories. Save precious time and energy by managing a multitude of team-specific data under 1 roof. Easily control user access so everyone only sees what they need. This is where data security meets collaboration!

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